Joint venture with WITT & SOHN AG
Witt India
Tunnel and Underground Ventilation
Jet fans are found in most tunnels throughout the world and the WITT & SOHN AG range is comprehensive. Various designs and accessories are available, information on the fans is found below:
» Size: 400mm – 1800mm
» Casing Thickness: 4mm – 10mm
» Volume: Up to 320,000m³/h
» Thrust: Up to 2,800N
» Fire Rating: Up to 700 °C, acc. EN12101-3
» Impeller Material: Corrosion resistant cast aluminium Steel, stainless steel, special alloys
» Casing Material: steel, special alloys
With a reference list of over 500 projects, including many major contracts such as the renovation of many stations for the RATP in Paris, the Palm Jumeirah Tunnel in Dubai, the Xiangtan Tunnel in China and the renovation program of the three old Elbtunnel tubes in Germany, WITT & SOHN AG can call on much experience and technical knowledge to design world-class systems.
A large range of reversible and unidirectional jet fans are offered by us. The symmetrical fans can be manufactured to generate a partial or complete reversibility (i.e. 40%, 60%, 90% and 98%). Additionally, our standard range of jet fans offers a thrust from 35N up to 2,800N. Higher values are possible on request.
With a number of different lengths of the silencers, nearly every required sound pressure level can be achieved. In addition, the specially- developed impellers can operate at very high tip speeds and run at very high temperatures. X-raying of the impeller blades and the impeller hub is not necessary, but can be done upon request.
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